Nexus Vibro - The first male G-Spot massager with microchip technology

Nexus Vibro P-Spot Massager Specs

The Nexus Vibro P-Spot Massager From Just £85.00
Size - Insertable height
4.5 inches (11.5cm)
Size - Shaft diameter
1.3 inches (3.2cm) Thickest point
3.5 inches (9cm) Thickest point
Black, White, Red, Purple
  • black colour sex toy
  • black colour sex toy
  • black colour sex toy
  • black colour sex toy

About the Nexus Vibro P-Spot Massager and the Prostate Bullet

With its ribbed shaft, the Nexus Vibro stimulates the entire anal canal during prostate massage. It works by vibrating the prostate and is the first of its kind in the world to do so, with its own long-life Prostate Bullet. The Nexus Vibro is a multi-talented Nexus prostate massager, with ball 1 bearing, ribs, and a motor to keep you going way past bedtime. It also combines the perineum stimulator to apply pressure to the perineum acupressure point, like the full Nexus range of prostate massagers. Male milking has never been so much fun.

The Nexus Prostate Bullet has been produced in a hand-made stainless steel casing. The vibrator's motor and customised microchip are designed specifically to stimulate the prostate area, also known as the male p-spot. The microchip controls three 'Prostate Vibrational Settings' which have been designed to stimulate the prostate area by vibrating at the right intensity and timing. The Prostate Bullet has a 6v battery, which allows the intense user-controlled g-spot vibration to continue much longer than the typical bullets that are currently available. The high quality battery allows the powerful motor to produce intense vibrations through the Nexus Vibro head and ribbed shaft, producing an amazingly orgasmic g-spot result.

Nexus Prostate Bullet Specs
  • > Hand-made stainless steel case
  • > Customised microchip
  • > Touch button activation
  • > Water resistant
  • > Five 'Prostate Vibrational Settings'
  • > 6v long-lasting replaceable battery
  • > Powerful vibrational motor

Nexus Vibro Reviews

By: The Official Male Sex Toy Tester Date: (29 June 2007)

"What an absolute pleasure to discover the Nexus range. I spent an awful lot of time trying to get some sort of europhic feeling which its competitors promised but never delivered, and when I bought the Nexus range, the difference was astounding. The shape is much better, you feel instant pressure on the prostate (something I never achieved with the ******). The ball-bearing perineum arm sits nicely under your balls and does not hurt like it's rivals, it's pleasurable.

By: James Nickleton: (08 June 2007)

"This is amazing! I brought one yesterday. I think the bullet is the best bullet i have ever used! it has these three settings that really hits my gspot and makes me quiver with excitement!how do Nexus do it? what a great design too! nice to see they have made a ribbed toy like the Nexus Titus and now with a handmade steel bullet that is excellent quality and batteries i can buy that last a long time!"